The opportunity to take something you feel passionate about and build a successful business from it is a rare and privileged one.

Developing the skills required to grow Language Grove’s services to the level of maturity they offer today has taken a lifetime of study, patience, and understanding.

Despite taking pride in them, I will never just sit back and relax on my abilities and successes, instead I always strive to deliver translation and proofreading services which not only accurately reflect the original text, but actually flow as though they were written in English.

A brief history

After leaving university with a business and language degree, Elizabeth initially used her linguistic skills to provide language training, going on to work in the travel and tourism industry for several years.

Her continued love of languages led Elizabeth back to England in 1996-1997 to take up her studies once more, after which she was awarded with a prestigious Masters Degree in Translation from German and Spanish to English.

Since completing her Masters Degree, Elizabeth is able to boast over 11 years of professional experience as a translator, proofreader, language trainer and communications specialist.

Having lived and worked in many areas throughout both Germany and Spain for over 17 years, Elizabeth has been able to understand and enjoy each country’s unique culture, often drawing from these unique experiences in order to enrich her work beyond “the norm”.

Location and the future

Located near Lagos, Portugal, Language Grove is an increasingly successful realisation of ambition and dreams.

Anyone who loves the ocean or indeed has visited the area will understand why South West Portugal.

People with a passion for languages and travel will also appreciate the joy of immersing oneself in a ‘new’ language and culture.

Gaining in-depth experience of “all things Portugal” will also one day allow us to add Portuguese to our repertoire of languages, but only once our understanding of Portuguese language and culture reaches the advanced levels we have of German and Spanish.